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Your club’s executive committee has been discussing and consulting on the issue of adopting a new club mascot for over a year now. The driving force behind this move is to have a mascot which is not only relevant to our club but can also be related too by our junior players.

 As a result a motion will put to the next monthly meeting that the Club adopts the Kookaburra as our official club mascot. The Kookaburra has been chosen as it is synonymous with our home ground HV Evatt Park, it is a carnivorous bird of prey that has no fear and has a distinctive war cry.

 It must be emphasised that there is no intention of watering down our RSL heritage or of replacing the time honoured ‘Rissole, Rissole, Rissole’ chant. It will however if successfully adopted result in a new club logo being designed that will incorporate both the RSL movement and the Kookaburra.

 You are invited to attend the next club meeting to express your views on this proposal prior to the vote.


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