Life Members

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Life membership is awarded in recognition of a member's service to the club over an extended period of time.

The following have been inducted as life members of Penshurst RSL Junior Rugby League Club

Year Awarded Life Member  
2018 Matt Sloane Steve Rogers  
2017 Tammy Simmons    
2016 David Cahill    
2015 Damien Hopper    
2014 Anton Harris    
2013 Josh Baihn  
2006 Michael Baihn    
2004 Graeme Hemopo Tony Grimaldi Ken Harris
2000 Ian Bond    
1997 Geoff DeVaise    
1995 Kevin Baxter    
1994 Chris Renshaw Max Simmons Brian McCulloch
1992 Anthony Barnes Peter O'Sullivan  
1989 Bill Hall    
1988 Rick Haywood Joe Arnold  
1987 Ray Lillas Kevin Nieass  
1986 Anthony Barker Michael O'Brien  
1985 Tom Phillips Rick Waters  
1983 Col Burgess    
1979 Don Muir    
1978 Jack Gordon Ted Nielsen  
1977 Lionel Barker Eric Ellis  
1976 Leo Betts Ken Prentice  
1975 Gorden Lowrie    
1972 Stan Root    
1971 Kevin O'Brien Rex Notley  






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